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Are you disgusted by women with hairy armpits?
Even if they are beautiful.
LMAO my hub and I were just talkin about this today and I asked him if would find that sexy in a woman and he said F*ck no lol.
Why do some women from certain countries not shave their armpits?
just curious, i have always shaved under my arms, however when i went abroad i saw a lot of european women with hairy armpits. wonder why this is? and do the men prefer hairy women? i am from the UK
Shaving is cultural, it's that simple.

I hate to shave, it's not beneficial for the pits (though usually not bad for them), so why bother.
Women with hairy armpits!!?
Do any of you out there have hairy armpits/legs?? I wish more women would keep it natural!
I go for that. Keep the other hair too.
Women With Hairy Armpits...?
I got my pits waxed today and wondered about those women who leave their pits hairy.
To those women: Is there a particular reason that you like to have them that way.
To the men who have slept with them: I want to hear your hairy armpit stories...
I let my armpits go hairy sometimes in the winter, since no one's going to be seeing them. Or, if I just feel lazy. I prefer to keep them hairy, but my armpits smell worse if I do. So for me, it's just out of laziness...and okay, sometimes it's fun to twist my armpit hairs.
Women with hairy armpits?
are there still some women, who donĀ“t shave their armpits?
maybe-not accidentally, but women, being proud on their habit,
having hair under their armpits?
i would love knowing that.. thank you soo-much, in advance..

Yes, there are still these women who are in the red book of extinction.

No! Wrong. Hairy people are not extinct nor the contents of the minds is genetically dependent.

I firmly believe that tastes like these are LEARNED! There were times when hairy natural women were considered sexy. Now there are times when they aren't considered sexy. There are though exceptions in every such period, and the people who are the exceptions usually have strong minds.

There is nothing wrong or bad with people learning what they are taught and learning what is beautiful, because the subject is presented by powerful minds. Oops, that was said harshly facing against shaving people. This is not my point. My point is that everything could be beautiful if it is presented in such a way/person who is able to find beauty in it and whose passion is great --> powerful.

Just what I wanted to share with this world.
And now to answer the question:
I do not own a razor or such and am happy there is more space on the shelf.
Should men and women shave off all hair below their neck? Or are some bits ok hairy? On men or women or both?
I haven't seen a woman with hairy armpits for decades!
I've persuaded women to grow armpit hair just so as I can suck on them when they're all sweaty and feramoney, hmmmmm wunderbar. Oddly enough I like a woman clean shaven below where the serious stuff happens, there I prefer no distractions while I set about my manly tasks ;)

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