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Why are so many white women such complete and utter sluts?
And I mean especially White American women. Most of them seem like they're sluts and whores anyway. white women will suck any guy's dong. All a guy has to do is open his legs and a white woman will start sucking your penis in a matter of seconds.

Please... give me a proper and romantic Latino, Asian, Eastern European or West African girl anyday over a White girl!
Maybe the American influences have damaged these 'White' girls you are speaking of. I mean, in the media "sex sells". Music videos are filled with models (of all races) wearing skimpy outfits, bouncing around guys. Movies and television shows are focusing more on 'teenage romance' and the pregnancy that comes along with it. Self-esteem plays a large role, too. Small girls (black, white, yellow, orange, purple) in America are looking at magazine articles and commercials, seeing these airbrushed 'sexy and alluring' women that turn every man's head. So, you may have a point by saying that the behavior of some American women isn't prim and proper. I don't disagree with you there. What I do want to point out is the seemingly racist view you hold against 'White' women.
I know for a fact it's not solely 'White' girls who are accused of being sluts, and I know for a fact you have not met every single 'White American' woman. I know many ladies who have put out for a guy. And, being that we're in our late high school years (attending a school with mainly minorities), I find it is because they have low self-value. Yes, there are a couple of 'White' girls who fall in that category, but there sure as heck are girls of other nationalities, too. Really, now; open your eyes and look past race. There are people of every color who have issues. Why not just avoid the people who offend you, and focus on the good in your and other people's lives?
Everyone has their own opinion, but you sound ignorant. I'm sure you know you're generalizing, too.
Latino men prefer virgins, is this true?
my mom, who is latina was saying that this is the way it is because of machismo, men like knowing they were the only ones. I find this very unfair as they sleep with a lot of women. I like latino men but don't want to be called a slut for not being one, as my mom also say they do.

She also say that they look for younger girls because they know the younger, the more likely they are to be virgins. I find this appauling.
Yeah this a true and they sleep with evey guy and girl along the way . Then they want to settle down with an 18 year old blond virgin. I find this hiliarious. Muy MACHO!
What are the chances of a latino guy taking a North American woman seriously as a girlfriend?
I would like to share my life, and find someone who takes me seriously as a girlfriend. I don't want to be a casual sexual playmate or a free slut. I would like someone who loves me enough to commit to be and be faithful to me.

I'm not racist but I'm not attracted to North American, white guys. I mean no offense to anyone! There's nothing wrong with them... it's just that I've never been attracted to a North American, white guy.

I used to think that Latino guys were really amazing, and I used to dream of having one as a boyfriend, but I'm disappointed. I had a really horrible experience with a guy from Mexico when I was in college and it makes me feel like my dreams were just delusional. I know you can't judge an entire group of people by one person, but the way this guy treated me opened up my eyes. He acted like he really cared about me, and then abandoned me for a girl from his own culture. I later found out that he was just hoping to have sex with me (I did NOT sleep with him btw) to satisfy his sexual needs until he found a girl he loved. He loves his girlfriend with his whole heart, or seems to anyway.

I'm not even sure if I'm attracted to Latinos anymore; this experience has just broken me for Mexican guys. It's opened my eyes to the way Mexican guys view North American women.

It's completely unfair and it makes me angry that a Hispanic girl can have a Hispanic boyfriend and I can't because i wasn't born in the right background. The girl he's with now doesn't even deserve him, she's a whore and spreads her legs for everything in pants. I did the right thing and saved sex and here I am, 31 years old and never slept with anyone. I'd be a really great girlfriend but I feel that my chances are really slim! People just judge me because I'm a North American and they assume I wouldn't be a suitable girlfriend.

I'm so disappointed because I know I'd be a great girlfriend but I feel like a Latino guy would never give me a chance as a girlfriend. I'm confused and not even sure I'm attracted to Latino guys because this experience has broken me. I don't want some guy to lie his way into my heart and break it all over again.

How do you deal with your anger if everyone judges you because of where you're from? Should I just get over wanting a boyfriend? How?
First off, Kudos to you for holding out.
Anyway, It really depends on the guy, I suppose. One thing I noticed about our neighbors from down south, is that a lot of them are the way you described. At least, the ones I've met/worked with are.
Another thing to look at is the surrounding communities. Some people may look down on interracial relationships, hence why folks tend to stay away from them.
As for you getting over wanting a boyfriend: I don't think you should. It will eventually happen.
How to get over wanting a Latino bf?
I LOVE it here in Mexico.... I teach EFL here. But I need to just get over something.

I have never been attracted to my own kind, eg, white American guys. I think Mexican guys are amazing, and I always have. I used to dream that my future husband would be Mexican or something Latino but now I'm crushed because I realize how delusional that is.

There are nice, decent ones, but they ALWAYS get snatched up by women from their own country. The good ones never seem to pick out foreign women, or see foreign women as a nice girlfriend or wife. Guys here pay attention to me, but they either just want to be a friend, or they see me as a free slut. I'm 29 years old and still a virgin, and it's embarrassing, but there is no way in hell I would spread it for anything less than someone who loves me too much to hurt me, or leave me... and someone I love back. The trouble is, no one like that has come into my life... ever.

My mom says that the right AMERICAN guy is out there, but with all respect, the thought of marrying a white American guy makes my heart sink. I am in no way racist and I have black guys, but I am more attracted to Hispanics than anyone else. My aunt, and others, tell me to "do the right thing and marry your own kind" but I don't have the heart and soul of an American white person. I have the heart and soul of a latin person. Furthermore this culture is romantic and so much more exciting than the notion of marrying the little boy from down the street... that seems excruciatingly boring.

Who WOULD I have a chance with? Why doesn't anyone take me seriously as a real girflriend? I am NOT promiscuous, I've never even had sex and I don't dress like a slut. Yet that's how I get treated.
Sweetie I am a Mexican-American girl and I cant tell you for sure
Mexican guys love white girls as much as they like mexican girls you
just have not met the right guy. Trust me on this almost all my guy
friends are mexican or part mexican.
Ladies would you dig this type of guy?
He's 21, 5'11 latino He's cute, funny, nice, respectful and he owns a lamborghini gallardo, also has his own business, own condo here in LA. The only prob is that he's gained 25lbs, and still a virgin (waiting for the one had many chances to loose it to sluts but denied it)!.

Would you dig him?
I don't know. How the hell did a 21 year obtain that lifestyle? That's MY question. :)
But, yeah. I guess he'd be ok if I were single.
Ladies would you dig this type of guy?
He's 21, 5'11 latino He's cute, funny, nice, respectful and he owns a lamborghini gallardo, also has his own business, own condo here in LA. The only prob is that he's gained 25lbs, and still a virgin (waiting for the one had many chances to loose it to sluts but denied it)!.

Would you dig him?
sounds like a nice guy
What are the chances a latino guy would take me seriously as a girlfriend?
I'm a North American, and Floridian. I'm not racist or prejudiced against North American white guys, and I mean no offense to anyone, but I'm just not attracted to them. I always thought that Latin guys were amazing and I used to dream of having one as a boyfriend. I'm feeling disappointed, though, after a horrible experience I had with a guy from Mexico. This experience has made me feel that my chances of being taken seriously as a girlfriend by a latin guy are really slim.

I went to college in Mexico and fell for a guy there. I really loved him and he acted like he cared about me, he wouldn't leave my side when I was there... but he eventually abandoned me for a girl from his own country. Later I realized that he was just hoping to use me for sex and he never really cared about me, but he seems to love his current girlfriend with his whole heart.

I feel confused because I still long to share my life with someone but this experience has broken me for Mexican guys (no offense to anyone). I'm still not attracted to North American guys (again, no offense!). I'm not racist and have loads of Mexican friends but I just don't trust anymore and I don't even want to let another Mexican guy into my heart because I feel like he'll just break it again. I refuse to let anyone do that to me.

If you're North American everyone treats you like you're an easy slut, no matter who you are. How do I deal with my anger about being judged? I'm not proud of being an American and wish I were something else, but I'm so sick of being treated like a free slut.

I feel like a latin guy would never want to commit to someone of my background and that they'll never see me as a girlfriend or wife. I have friends, whom I trust, that reassure me that this isn't true but I've just been doubting a lot lately.

I don't think a Mexican guy would ever see a North American woman as a potential girlfriend or wife. Is it 100% impossible, or are the chances slim?

What do you do if you're North American and would like to be taken seriously as a girlfriend? What nationalities would take you seriously?
black women are f*cking hot
I'm fooling around with a married latino man?
So we flirted in secret for months...and the other day we finally did something and he plans to do it is he attracted to me cuz I'm white? And is he planning on making me the mistress or does he only want to mess around a few times? I know what I'm doing is me a whore...slut...homewrecker..whatever ...but also answer my question please..
Sluts and whores are what keep this world spinning.
On the other hand liars an cheaters are what constantly keep trying to grind it to a halt.

You know what you are doing is wrong so what's the question?

For me it's simple. If this guy is willing to lie and cheat to the one person in this world who he is supposed to be most honest with then why in the world would you ever expect him to be honest with you?

All discussions of karma aside, these are the kinds of people you are most likely to catch a social deseas form since they have already proven that they place what they want above being honest with others.

I am the last person to come at you with religious morality or trying to say what you should do or not do. You are engagin in one of the most human activities on earth. What I am going to say is that if you are going to open yourself up to someone, ask yourself why you are attracted to a person who is aliar and a cheater.

It would be perfectly fine if his wife was ok with it but as long as he is lying to her, she obviously cannot trust him so I wonder what it is about you that thinks you can. He just seems to be an awfully bad gamble to me on many levels. If you want to play with fire and taboo there are so many safer ways to have sexual fun that to engage in lying and cheating or helping and rewarding others who do.
What's the name of this Mexican song.... something about "Plantes"?
I'm currently on vacation in Acapulco and last night I heard this really cool song. This English speaker told me that it's one of his favourite songs, and that it's about a latino girl who "sluts" around... I think it's sung from the p.o.v. of the boyfriend. He said that it's about how her "roots" spread all over.. I guess to other guys... and how it pains him. And I know that I heard the word "Plantes" a couple times in it. I don't speak Spanish and I have no idea what any of the actual Spanish lyrics are.... but it's an awesome song. It's definitely a pop song, kinda rock too.

Anyway, if anyone knows the name of the song and who it's sung by I would really appreciate it!

I'd ask that guy again. Or go to Mexico in the travel section and ask there.
How can I go out with this girl? My mom won't let me.......Help?
My mom won't let me go out with this for a very stupid and guyish reason.
I'm white and the girl is Latino.
She's not a slut or anything, she's a very nice girl.
When I ask my mom why she won't let us date, she says:
"I don't want you associated with those people, honey."

I really like this girl.
How can I go out with her?

LOL "I don't want you associated with those people, honey."

that's sooo white ^ ^ ^

so, then just secretly date her

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