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All Comments

Does any know of an online profile site for Asian teens?
Like they have cute pictures in the site etc.? and there are all sorts of Asian teens that join it. Like chinese, jap, flips, ect?

I forgot what the site was =(
How much time would a regular "non Otaku"Japanese Teenager watch anime?
I know that Japanese teens read Manga but how much would a non Otaku japanese guy watch Anime?there are some Anime and I see in Anime and they are Japanese and they dont watch Anime 24/7 but they read manga.like there are slice of life comedys and stuff so do they watch that and what else do jap teens do?
What do American women( who are not into Jap cute culture)think of Japanese Women who act cute like Guyren?
We dont have so much of that in America. Maybe the teens and people into anime are influenced so they start copying these days. But for the most part, most American women are more mature-like while many japanese still act cute and guyish even in their late 20's.

Do you think it's totally fine,, or do you think it's stupid?
I think it's fine. I read something once that said it is popular in Japan for girls to dress like that because the shape of their bodies are different from western women and they can't pull off the sort of risque look that supermodels, etc do. Certainly it's not true for everyone but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.

If it's part of their culture and makes them happy and it's not hurting anyone then more power to them.
Can some one send me some teen jap/korean haircuts that are fairly short cause i want to cut my hair ???
any good pictures
WhaT are some good recent ROMANCE asian dramas(jap,tai and korean)?
helpp need soomee neww drmas recognitions not all i watch i LIKE but my favourites are
~My girl
~You're Beautiful
~Full House(wa OK)
~Mischievous Kiss
~Secret Garden (amazing)
and a few other please suggest some GOOD romantic ones it could be korean japnese or twaiwanese

preferably good luckin characters and im a 17 sooo like not too old like teens-twenties

PLEASE guud not too old dramas thanxxxx DRAME PPL!!! <3
{Taiwanese} - Devil Beside You <--- Favorite Tdrama
{Korean} - Mary Stayed Out All Night <--- Favorite Kdrama
{Taiwanese} - Miss No Good
{Japanese} - Buzzer Beat <---- Favorite Jdrama
{Japense} - Koizora (Movie) <---- Sad ending but very romantic and touching, Amazing.
{Korean} - Dream High (Still Airing)
{Taiwanese} - Love Buffet (Still Airing)

All of these have a pretty good amount of romance in them and are all very great.
Dream High isn't showing much romance yet though, but it's still airing so we'll see how it develops.

I highly reccomend them all
Man whats with MOST of azn teens(im azn)?
Im and azn but i dont want to be like a typical azn guy(no offence)

MOST azn guys are dudes with those funny hairstyles and they dye their hair brown or something and like B-ball and love Warcraft.(Whats with the hairstyle seriously like more than 80% of azn guys do the dying and hairstyle{I dont wanna do that})I dun even know how to play warcraft

MOST azn girls are like full tryin to be cute and sh!t. And they all obsessed with anime. And they always say random stuff in Jap(for example Kawaii) An they always pretend to sob if they dislike doing something and hit their boyfriend. Seriously WTF!

My cousin is like a typical azn girl except she is overweight and has no BF. My friend hangs with a few azn girls and they do that all the time.

Good on you to people who are different. No offence
Asian girl's really annoy me lol. They try to act all cute and what not... I'm not prejudice or anything but most (not all) are so full of themselves.

They say they are "hot", what me and all my guy friends see are short little girls with boring eyes and an egotistical personality.

Now for asian guys, I've met some really cool guys!
And, not all of them are like that.
Dream of killing someone who hurted my baby?
Ahhh.. what a nightmare. Could some one help me please.
First spell:
Some one, dark, well built man, wanted to trouble us (me, my baby). He caught my baby hands. I asked my wife to give me knife. Some other figure along with me put knife into that guys throat. I saw him fall, gasp, blood and finally die. Someone took that dead guy away and did something. they asked me to throw a bucket of water. Ash stuck to that bucket along with some unburnt flesh. presuming-body was burnt. While this was roling down, someone poped bullets into my and my little one..
Dear God, I never hurt any living thing that You made on this planet, how could I see those things in my dreams. The previous night, I read a story in BBC that a jap-teen beheded his mother-any relevance to dream. Please help pointing out what this could mean..
Dreams are just your mind playing out scenarios. I wouldn't give the matter a second thought. I myself dream about viciously killing people who hurt my guyren, or insult my coworkers, or cut me off on the freeway.

You're probably fine.
Harley's vs. Jap Sports Bikes???
Whats better???
I say harley's are for old people...
they are TOO loud...(thats pretty cool tho)
THey look ugly(i couldn't tell the dif between any of them unless it had it on the side)
sports bikes are btter because they sound cool,
they look fast
and its hard to tell the dif unless it says kawasaki or suzuki on the side.
Whats ur opinion(im a teen).
That's like comparing a roast chicken to your mother's bathrobe. You just can't compare some things. But I have a tip for you. Judging from your posting, your attention span is pretty limited and you have way too much misdirected energy. Guys like you kill yourselves very early into your bike ricing uh, er, I mean riding career. Usually doing stupid bike tricks. You might think twice or three times about getting something that requires the concentration and skill that riding ANY motorcycle demands. If you decide you still want to ride, TAKE THE MSF SAFETY COURSES I AND II.

You want my opinion? I don't like crotch rockets. I don't condemn or ridicule them the way the riders of those things do Harleys, but I have no interest in them at all. I'm a Harley guy through and through, and have been since I was a teen. What anyone rides is up to his own taste; I happen to prefer Harleys to anything else. You probably will end up on a japper. Different strokes for different folks, but if you continue in your desire to ride, you ought to calm the f'uck down, take the course and insure that you live to enjoy your hobby. I've enjoyed it for 37 years with very few scrapes, scratches and bruises. Only a couple of breaks, too. Also, mind your own business; people will ride what they ride and if you get caught up in judging them, then you miss the point. It's the two wheeled experience that we share; not the differences in riding preferences.
Good name for jap celeb school?
I'm working on somehting and in it a bunch of guys (celebrities, idols, and teen/guys of celebs and idols) in Japan go to a male boarding school. I'm trying to think of a good name for the school. I was thinking something that meant like star or shining or something. Does anyone have a good name or anything or know a japanese word that means something like that that would work?

Please give me the word/name and translation(s)?

^_^ (I looked myself but couldn't find anything good or reliable)
I want you to know that 'jap' is a derogatory term
Is there a SONY amusement park in Tokyo? Any electronic cyber or hitech place to inspire them?
My teen sons & I are excited to see Jap faces & places They're PS2 & computer geeks & into videos & animation, cartoons. I hope their exposure to Jap hitech & classic culture will inspire them to invest time, discipline & money to pursue better education in college, focus in their careers & contribute to our own country's modern progress, culture & bright future, too.
There is a SONY building showing off the latest products, new games that are soon to be released etc. Its in Ginza and you can access it directly from the underground.

Personally I don't think its that exciting but its free.

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