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Where can I find an asian cam model to pay?
I have a dating website and I have plenty of girls but I need more guys, and the website is almost an "adult theme". I need to find asian looking girls who I can pay to make short 2 minute videos for me on cam to promote my dating site. I dont want nudity, but someone sexy in bikini/thong. Where would you go about finding someone like this? Craigslist hasnt worked. Is there somewhere specifically where you can hire cam models or bid on them?
Hire a modeling agency or go to some clubs and talk to some strippers.
If you really do have a dating website, you should have some connections to find some willing girls.

If not, you need to make some connections in the adult industry. $$$
Talk to photographers, scouts, editors of adult classified magazines.

It's not about what you know, it's about who you know.
Cute Gay Asian models?
Are there any 100% free (registration is my last resort, but I won't ever pay) gay Asian models?

I've been Googling for DAYS, WEEKS, Nothing good... Must things are tours or previews, before you "pay". Like I said, I want it all FREE!

Videos is my option, maybe live web cam (them posing, I'm not using a webcam) with a bunch of others watching, like But that site, whenever they go nude- they go private, and when that happens, you need to pay for access.

I'm bi, But I have this gay asian fetish and very much so would like to fulfill it! So please, post away websites! (I virus scan before visiting, so don't think about tricking me!) And yes, I have used google a dozen times.

lol are you 18....
Are vibrating stomach belts dangerous?
I'm sure everyone remembers those old fashioned machines where belts shook the fat right off of you. Never figured out if those worked or not but I did hear that they caused stomach problems and such. I've also seen those newer versions on tv where they shock your abs into shape. Well recently I cam upon an Asian model called Slim Shape. It vibrates violently! I couldn't help but buy it, mainly because it felt fantastic on my back! But I was curious to know:
1. Could it actually work for toning stomach muscles?
2. Could it cause some sort of internal damage?
There are lower setting on it so I'm sure that a lower setting couldn't hurt too much, could it?
Dont waste your money, It dont work. Its just taking money out of your pocket. What does work is exercising and eating right. And No it wont hurt your insides. Think about it. Something that shakes on your stomach? How is it helping? Its not. You need to exercise and eat right.
What am i buying on Craigslist?
Well i thought it would be a good idea to treat my dad to a massage as a fathers day gift. So i decided to look around Craigslist for a good cheap one and there are hundreds of offers but i dont know something looks weird. They are from asian companies or people no racism intended and its all pictures of women modeling they look like pics you pay someone to take so they arent from a regular cam.
Craiglist can no longer be trusted. Even if you were to find someone legit, you will be bombard with all kinds of spam as soon as you respond to a ad.

Why buy anything for Father's Day?
Do You Appreciate Your Dad?
Showing Love Need Not Cost Money
In the current economy, with so many out of work, or not working full time, guyren, even adult guyren, are left wondering what to get dad for Fathers Day, or his birthday. Do you buy him a tie, get him a nice card, take him out to, or fix him, a nice dinner, etc.? Mothers can be so much easier to get a gift for, but fathers are a more complicated species which is not often understood, so deciding on a gift can get complicated.…
Today's media frequently degrades and/or diminishes the role of a father. Tell them ,and the world, why you appreciate your father, stepfather, and/or grandfather. Afterward, click on Share and invite friends to add their own thoughts. Let's build something to show the world that: Fathers Count!
I prefer masturbating to having sex with my wife, but my wife cries tears about it, why?
Sex with my wife is so boring, I mean, I'm tired of having sex all the time with the same woman, is so monotonous! reason for which I enjoy a lot more masturbation than having sex with my wife. I tend to masturbate to videos of Asian, Latina and Black women.. and I really love it and enjoy it. Last month I subscribed to a website where I can chat with hot models! and they have cams! it's great! however, My wife is so jealous about my happiness, she thinks my penis and my semen are property of her... I think she's nuts! what do you think?
i dont blame her. women take that kind of thing very personally. she feels rejected and hurt. there are plenty of ways to help fix the monotony. both of you have to want to do it though. i think you should try and be more understanding of her feelings. she is your wife. you are pretty much telling her that you prefer to see random women than her. thats not right. if porn turns you on then try getting her involved in it to. i know that some women end up really liking it and it spices up the sex life. try to relate to her feelings a little better/
I've fallen in love with a guy from my dreams?
I Been dreaming of this Asian man since I was 16 (2006) In my dreams he ages the same as I do the 1st dream I had he was in last year of high school cause after the 2nd dream I had of him he gave me his 2nd button which in Japanese schools guys gav to the girls they liked.. In each of my dreams he hugged me so tight i could feel his body heat and his breath and even could smell the produces he used in his hair.. After the 1st year I became oddly obsessive about japenese music I was very selective an pick by pic not by music ..then I stopped dreaming bout him but he cam back in 2008 this time he was taller then me and beyond beautiful he wore a white suit but greeted in in Korean ..and I soon after became obsessive about Korea as well and then he went away and now just last month I dreamt about him again this time he greeted me in English he said to me" how long must u make me wait" and embraced me like in every dream.. When I woke up all I could think about was Taipei.. It's very weird everytime I dream about him we always in darkness but I can clearly see him like I would during the day and the feeling of love and longing that comes from his is so strong .. It's odd but each time I dream of him during the day I don't feel normal I feel like Im not all there like part of me is somewhere else.. I long to c him all the time and always rethink of all the dreams he was in feels like he's aways calling for me to come to him .. Now all I can think about is going To Taipei to try and find him in each dream i can feel him, his body warmth and even smell his after shave.. What is this??
I don't really get it.. I never was really interested in asain culture before and I never really met many Asians before.
And this guy seems too good to b true this guy was always dressed in what looked like expencive clothes and was hotter then hot he looked like a model.. Dreaming of this guy makes it hard to b satisfied with normal REAL men..
go find this man in real life and fall in love with him for real
Do you find the IM chat room experience to be...UNDER-whelming?
I am a big proponent of internet-based communications but the one area I find least value-added would be chat rooms. Not text chat between friends or families...just chat rooms where strangers IM one another. Invariably, someone contacts me with the "asl" question first (age/sex/location). Then they want to see your image on webcam if you have one. Then if they have a display picture, it is frequently some gorgeous model that is not them. And what is usually behind it? Some Nigerian trying to scam me, some Asian young gal looking for an American husband to import her, or some a sex-cam gal trying to get you to lay down a credit card and watch her for money.

These chat rooms have become so over-run with scammers and hustlers, I rarely go there anymore. And I do fear for our young people who get suckered in (e.g. internet predators). Are you sick of it too? Chat rooms are nice innovations, but based on what populates them, what does this say about society or people in general?
If you guys used to like the yahoo chat rooms a few years back before the bots and arabs took them over you should check out OohYa Chat. No bots or booters and so far the people are all genuine and very nice. Still a new site so not near the user base Yahoo has but maybe that's a good thing. Check it out if you get a chance
Potential cast of Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy's soon-to-be movie?
I have thought of some actors and actresses that can play the characters of the book. Tell me what you think. If you disagree, please explain in a nice way. Thank you.

Jane- I've read some people say Blake Lively should play her...but if you think about it, Jane's not exactly a hot girl compared to Blake (has that "hotness" in her that kind of rules her out)...Jane's she's more sweet and pretty but not like some 'hot" a candidate, I thought of someone like Leah Pipes. She's pretty and sweet looking but not "Maxim model" hot.

Scarlett- because she's slim, tall and brunette, I've thought of Ashley Greene. Plus, she has the attractiveness.

Madison - Because she's tall and a size 0, the only actresses in my mind that can play as an antagonist are Rachel Nichols and/or Katie Cassidy. She once played a jealous, fame-hungry girl in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II; and Katie plays a stuck-up lady in Melrose Place.
Gaby - maybe Vanessa Hudgens or Selena Gomez? She's Hispanic..and Vanessa looks Hispanic a bit.. She might pull off a "not-so-bright" Gaby.

Hannah- Amanda Seyfried (she's down-to-earth and has the "fresh face" look in her)

*(I don't know whether the guys are blond or brunette but I suppose they have brown hair as the jerks in The Hills are mostly brunette except Spencer), for...

Braden- Taylor Lautner...he isn't a jerk in real-life either. He's cute and sweet....or Matt Lanter

Jesse- Michael Copon...he's not exactly pure Caucasian but he looks like a hot jerk. Another possible actor I can think of is Cam Gigandet.

Trevor- according to the book, he's good looking but about in his mid to late 30s so maybe someone like Bradley Cooper or Ashton Kutcher (he's far from old but older than most of the cast)

Dana- Amanda Detmer (to those who don't know her, she played "Monty" in Big Fat Liar as Marty's assistant

Fiona Chen- she's Asian so either Sandra Oh, Lucy Liu, Grace Park or Tia Carrere (too old?)

Veronica (magazine editor in chief)- she's 40+ but I think Sigourney Weaver's youthful appearance can work.

Diego - it said that he's Asian looking but I believe she's Hispanic...I've thought of Stanley Tucci even though he's Italian

Liam (Scarlett's crush)- Zac Efron

Cammy (that blond sorority girl in USC)- Ashley Tisdale?
MTV fans are posers!

You should die for perpetuating the careers of people who don't deserve an once of their fame!!!
Why are Japanese products so superior?
Right now, I am looking at a pen made by Pentel (model RSVP). It's absolutely beautiful and works perfectly. Same with my other Japanese products including a new Casio watch that has an invisible solar cell and atomic timekeeping. Last year, I was looking for a pickup and could not get into the "slab-sided", (antiquated push-rod engined) behemouths of GMC & Dodge. So, I bought a Toyota and could not be happier with a 4-cam engine. I'm trying to buy American, but they are just not up to Japanese standards. Sure, many of the lessor Japanese brand name products are outsourced to developing Asian nations, but the Japanese name and intent are still there. What makes Japanese products both beautiful and perfect? I know this sounds crazy, but is ho-hum socialism finally catching up to us?
Question has been on Detroit's mind for years. Some of the suggestions include;

1) Japan came along on the manufacturing revolution rather late, after WWII. This means all of their factories are newer than ours. Thus, appointed with even newer and more efficient equipment.

2) You have basically one race, or ethnic group, to deal with in Japan, Japanese. Americans have a multitude of different backgrounds, personalities, races and techniques. We are trying to make our processes work with all of the different personalities.

3) Dr Deming (statistical manufacturing wizard) was turned away by America but welcomed by Japan. They absorbed every word Deming had to say, America didn't until years after the Japanese had already put his words into application.

4) Japanese are physically smaller and more agile than Americans. They can move around better and get into smaller spaces much better. They are able to apply hands on techniques easier.

5) Some have suggested the auto unions have contributed to shoddy work in American products by protecting all their members and saving them from termination, even the dead wood, the lazy and the no accounts.

America actually is catching up though. Hopefully we can one day pass our worthy opponents and once again be recognized as the manufacturing giant we once were.
I prefer masturbating to having sex with my wife, but my wife cries tears about it, why?
Sex with my wife is so boring, I mean, I'm tired of having sex all the time with the same woman, is so monotonous! reason for which I enjoy a lot more masturbation than having sex with my wife. I tend to masturbate to videos of Asian, Latina and Black women.. and I really love it and enjoy it. Last month I subscribed to a website where I can chat with hot models! and they have cams! it's great! however, My wife is so jealous about my happiness, she thinks my penis and my semen are property of her... I think she's nuts! what do you think?
Get divorced.

She deserves better than a scumbag.

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